Spruce is hiring a Designer & UX Researcher that understands the entire user journey from first click to end result. You will be responsible for translating high level abstract product concepts into concrete workflows and user-facing prototypes across web, mobile, and physical devices.

We will count on you to incorporate understanding of users and business needs across the entire design process. You will collaborate with both users who have needs and engineers who create our products.


  • Excellent written communications skills (necessary for remote work)
  • Able to conceive of new products, create pixel-perfect designs, and convert wireframes into clickable prototypes
  • Expertise in using, creating, and maintaining design systems such as in Figma or Sketch
  • Ability to conduct formal user research to validate assumptions about customer needs for startup products
  • Know when to quickly deliver “good enough” wireframes and interactive prototypes to show customers versus when to spend time ensuring the spacing and typography are flawless on every screen
  • Experience working with development teams to bring a design to production
  • Comfortable with rapid directional changes of focus in a startup environment


  • Full-time experience with working remotely
  • Skilled storyteller who can make marketing materials reflect core values
  • Experience in software development
  • Experience designing for users in Web3
  • Cares deeply about user privacy, consent, and control